Get closer with Zoom meetings and stay connected

Transform your audio-visual conferences into a whole new, collaborative meeting experience

A group of people collaborating on Doculife with a Zoom call

Enjoy an unparalleled level of closeness with Doculife and Zoom, enabling you to be and stay connected before, during and after your meetings

One central long lasting space for your meeting content
Share all types of supporting content and additional functionality

Long lasting, unique space

With Doculife, you can work and play together in real time using a Shared Binder System enabling you to interact with, collaboratively edit and view all kinds of content simultaneously prior to, during and after a meeting.

No more jumbled up and disjointed text message conversations about anything, Doculife allows you and your meeting participants to maintain conversations, in context, for each shared item, right there with the shared item itself. It is virtual planning, sharing and on-line collaboration on steroids.

Meetings with persistent context

Doculife Binders offer a uniform experience with persistent context, interaction and collaboration across multiple meetings. Share all types of supporting content and additional functionality for others to work with, before, during and after a meeting, all in one place, organized.

You no longer have to scramble to collect and share the material for your meeting ahead of time. Say goodbye to long e-mail threads, file shares or instant message attachments with the supporting material, much of the time scattered across multiples channels and lost deep in your inbox.

Fine grained control from your Binder Settings
With Doculife and Zoom, collaboration is now a piece of cake

Fine-grained control

Zoom meetings can be scheduled and launched directly from a Binder which then becomes the content gateway or presentation space for that topic. All the meeting defaults can be controlled directly from the Binder settings page and you can even select whether you want to automatically capture recordings and transcripts as meeting assets straight into your Binder.

With Zoom Meetings, Doculife is now undeniably the sharing and collaboration tool of the future, making sharing, organizing and teamwork seamless.

Collaboration on steroids

Once invited to collaborate on a Binder, the link does not expire, which means you don’t need to stress about losing content and having to download everything to your hard drives. And, you can add to the content, make comments, and show reactions, all at the same time and during the call. The next time a meeting is held to discuss that topic, all the content will still be available in the same place and accessible by the same people.

Invite new contacts to your Binder or remove those who no longer need access and set different permissions depending on whether you want your participants to have read/download, edit or full admin rights.

Power up your meetings with Doculife