Introducing Widgets.

Widgets are little helpful interactive things that augment your documents with useful bits of dynamic info.


Albums can display anything in your Doculife account, in addition to photos and images. Super handy!

Map of Locations

When creating a map, add as many places of interest as you like. Reference when needed.

Reverse VIN Lookup

There’s so much information stored in a VIN. Find out where a car was built, the year, make and model, options, and so much more.

Note with Rich Formatting

Create a quick note or something much longer. Doculife’s note widget is feature-rich, giving you the tools you need to write with confidence.

Embed a Video

Simply copy any video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, and Doculife will embed it wherever needed. Handy for DIY videos, cooking videos and more.

Website Bookmark

Save any webpage with a bookmark. Simply copy and paste its URL into the bookmark widget, and Doculife will create a visual preview of the site. Super helpful.


Add important contacts to any binder for quick, contextual reference. Phone, address, email and more at your fingertips.

Secure Password List

With Doculife’s proprietary DocuArmour™ encryption, keeping a list of passwords for later retrieval is easy and safe.

Set a Reminder

Quickly add a visual countdown timer. Set it to automagically expire once passed. Configurable to show only days or down to the second.


Add your frequent flier mile memberships, gym, yoga, range, library, movie club and more… keep them all organized with the memberships widget.


Create the perfect road trip using the route widget. Add as many stops as you need and get contextual driving directions for all.