Capture and collect useful information as you surf the web

Capture and keep useful information as you surf the web

Instantly capture ideas, inspiration, research and other useful information directly into any Binder

Clip all kinds of interesting links, bookmarks, videos, images or notes to your Binder
Right click to bookmark web pages and links

Handy, practical and user-friendly

Whether you are planning a trip and want to bookmark interesting sights, recommended restaurants or local weather, researching a project and gathering important data, looking for ideas and inspiration, creating a knowledge base or simply wanting to keep that yummy recipe you found, the Doculife Browser Extension or Web Clipper is the perfect companion for when you are surfing the net.

Tired of having hundreds of tabs open just in case you need one of them later or having a long list of bookmarks impossible to read and find the one you want, when you want. With the Doculife Web Clipper you can conserve any interesting page or link inside your Binder as a visual thumbnail simply by right clicking on the page or link and selecting the destination Binder. The next time you need that particular page, it will be there in your Binder waiting for you.

Save videos and images as thumbnails
Select text and right click to save as a note in your Binder

Save images and videos

Capture and organize images you like or videos you want to watch again directly into your Binders along with all the other relevant content in that Binder. With the Web Clipper, just right click on the image or video, and choose the Binder you want to save it to.

Clip and keep text as notes

Spotted some interesting information that you want to keep. Select the text you want, right click and instantly save as a note in your Binder. The next time you visit your Binder, all your notes will be there. You can even format them with our rich note widget to make them more remarkable.

Available for Chrome and Firefox
Alternatively, use of bookmark or video widget to save things from the net.

Available for Chrome and Firefox

The Doculife Browser Extension or Web Clipper is available for use with the Chrome and Firefox browsers. To get the Browser Extension go to the Chrome extension store or the Firefox Add-on store, search for Doculife and then click to download and install. After that, it’s as easy as a right click.

Bookmark and Video widget

If you do not currently use the Chrome or Firefox browsers, you can still bookmark important web pages and save useful videos using our Bookmark or Video widget. Copy the URL to the widget and create. Your bookmark or video will be saved as a thumbnail image inside your the Binder.

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