Using Doculife May Help You Lose Weight

Using Doculife May Help You Lose Weight
January 3, 2019 The Doculife Team

Here we are at the start of another New Year.

For many people the this means new beginnings, fresh starts… a reset of the previous year. And New Years Resolutions.

We took a very unscientific poll in the Doculife office of the types of New Years Resolutions we had all made. There were a few outliers like resolving to not stay up past midnight binging Netflix. And of course there was the old standby of resolving to lose weight and exercise more.

As I sat down to write this post it made me think. Could Doculife help us lose weight in the New Year? It sure can. Mental weight, and a lot of it.

We carry around the mental weight of knowing we are not prepared. It’s there in our subconscious when we go to sleep, and there to greet us when we wake up. It can be a heavy weight, especially when we have a family.

We know we are not prepared if something should happen to us. Our Will, Power of Attorney, accounts and passwords, are all spread over several places online, and split between physical paper and digital  PDFs, saved in various places. Who would know where to find or access all these things?

We know we are not prepared for a disaster, if we should have to evacuate quickly due to fire, hurricane or something else. Our property documents and insurance paperwork is not easily accessible.

Using Doculife to organize, secure and automate your most important documents can lead to increased peace of mind and less stress. Doculife helps eliminate the mental weight of not feeling prepared. Increased peace of mind also means better sleep and a happier life, knowing you and your family are prepared for whenever life happens.

Make the New Years Resolution to get rid of this mental weight and getting prepared by signing up for Doculife. We guarantee this will be one resolution you can keep.