Use Case: Property Owner

Doculife is great for Property Owners

House. Flat. Townhome. Condo. Home. Whatever you call your slice of heaven, it comes with more paperwork than you know what to do with.

Doculife keeps it all organized, even augmenting what you already have with super-cool useful widgets like maps, reminders, to-do lists, contacts and videos.

Doculife can help you organize what you already have, tell you what you might be missing, and add another layer of helpfulness with handy widgets. All accessible wherever you are, like, the hardware store.


So. Many. Documents.

If you own just one property, you understand all of the documents that come with being an owner. Add a rental property or two, and things can get confusing quickly.

With Doculife, we’ll suggest all of the important property-related documents you should have on hand, and then some you may not have even thought of.

Imagine, all of this, accessible with one login to Doculife, ready when you need it.


Home Owner’s Insurance Policy



Property Survey

Lawn Contract

Pool Contract

Internet Service Contract

Cable or Satellite Contract

Home Warranty

Roof Warranty

Appliance Warranties

HVAC Warranty

Appliance Manuals

WiFi Password

Security Contract

Plumber, Electrician, Handyman Contacts

Maintenance Records

Utility Bills

Tax Records

and more…

Add a Layer of Helpfulness with Widgets

What’s a widget? A widget is a little helpful thing. Doculife has many “helpful things” that augment your organized documents like interactive maps, routes, countdown timers, videos, bookmarks and more.

With widgets you can do things like:

  • Add a map of your house
  • Add important contacts like plumber, pest control or internet
  • Add bookmarks to websites or embed videos for DIY projects
  • Create notes with important things to remember
  • Create a secured list of all your passwords

We’re making more of these helpful widgets every week. We want your binders to be the most useful things! Get started using widgets today. You’re going to love them.


Collaborate and Share with a Spouse, Contractor, Accountant, Insurance Agent… Anyone.

Collaborating within Doculife couldn’t be easier. 

Send an invitation to the person you’d like to collaborate with. Use their email or phone number to send an invitation.

When they become a collaborator, they can add and edit documents, files and widgets in your owned binder.

Collaborate with family, colleagues or service professionals like your accountant, insurance agent or lawyer.

Add multiple collaborators for projects or planning an excursion with friends. The possibilities are endless!


Do you have a unique way that you’re using Doculife?

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