Use Case: Plan An Adventure

Doculife is perfect for Planning An Adventure

Road trip. Epic adventure. Vacation. Holiday. Everybody loves going somewhere, and planning it all out is seriously half the fun. Doculife can make it all happen with its suite of visual organizational and planning tools.

Start with our Trip Planner template, or create something all your own. Using the template will get you thinking and started quickly, showing you a set of standard Trip Planning documents you should upload, and widgets to modify and use.

Widgets are little helpful things like interactive maps, routes, bookmarks, video embed, countdown timer, notes and more. They help augment your documents like passport and plane tickets, with information that you can use while on your trip!

Stop dreaming and start planning your next adventure using Doculife.


Guided Document Organization… And Then Some

Most other document storage services stop being helpful after you sign up. Not with Doculife. 

We decided that wasn’t good enough. We should be helping our users understand what they need to store and organize. So we created checklists to help you understand the specific things you should be putting into your Doculife account.

Additionally, we also suggest widgets that will help augment your documents. Things like interactive maps, routes, bookmarks, embed videos, create albums of anything, rich text notes and more. 


Add a Layer of Helpfulness with Widgets

What’s a widget? A widget is a little helpful thing. Doculife has many “helpful things” that augment your organized documents like interactive maps, routes, countdown timers, videos, bookmarks and more.

With widgets you can do things like:

  • Add a map of your destination
  • Add important contacts like hotel, travel agent, or pet sitter
  • Add bookmarks to websites or embed videos
  • Create notes with important things to remember
  • Make digital backups of your passports and IDs

We’re making more of these helpful widgets every week. We want your binders to be the most useful things! Get started using widgets today. You’re going to love them.


Collaborate and Share with a Spouse, Travel Agent, Friends, Family… anyone.

Collaborating within Doculife couldn’t be easier. 

Send an invitation to the person you’d like to collaborate with. Use their email or phone number to send an invitation.

When they become a collaborator, they can add and edit documents, files and widgets in your owned binder.

Collaborate with family, colleagues or service professionals like your travel agent.

Add multiple collaborators for planning an excursion with friends. The possibilities are endless!


Do you have a unique way that you’re using Doculife?

Send us a screenshot and you could get featured in our newsletter!