Use Case: Photography

Doculife is perfect for Photography

With Doculife, importing, organizing and presenting photos – whether to important clients or to friends and family – is a cinch. 

Unlimited binders, albums, sharing and collaboration were tailor made for photographers who want to organize and showcase their work, quickly and efficiently. 

Augment any binder’s photos with other important artifacts like a map of where the shoot took place, important contacts, contracts, invoices and more, all in one place, accessible anywhere you are.

See valuable metadata like resolution, color space, lens, shutter, aperture and 43 other details about any photo you add to Doculife.

Get started with Doculife today – get a whole YEAR for only fifteen bucks. Or, keep scrolling to learn more about how Doculife is fabulous for photographers.


Coming Soon:
Fullscreen Slideshow Mode

One awesome feature to look forward to soon is Slideshow Mode. Enter into a darkened, full-screen experience to showcase your photography, beautifully.

All the same tools, collaboration and metadata are there, just a click away, hidden in a side drawer for a cleaner viewing experience.


Add a Layer of Helpfulness to Shoots with Widgets

What’s a widget? A widget is a little helpful thing. Doculife has many “helpful things” that augment your shoots like albums, interactive maps, routes, countdown timers, videos, bookmarks and more.

With widgets you can do things like:

  • Add a route to and a map of your shot locations
  • Add important contacts like grips, vendors, clients and more
  • Add bookmarks to websites or embed videos like drone footage
  • Create notes with important things to remember
  • Set a countdown timer as a visual reminder for shoot day

We’re making more of these helpful widgets every week. We want your binders to be the most useful things! Get started using widgets today. You’re going to love them.


Collaborate and Share with a Client, Spouse, Friend, Coworkers… Anyone.

Collaborating within Doculife couldn’t be easier. 

Send an invitation to the person you’d like to collaborate with. Use their email or phone number to send an invitation.

When they become a collaborator, they can add and edit documents, files and widgets in your owned binder.

Collaborate with family, colleagues or clients to get more done, wherever you are.

Add multiple collaborators for projects or planning a shoot with friends. The possibilities are endless!


Do you have a unique way that you’re using Doculife?

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