Use Case: Parents and Students

Doculife is great for Parents & Students

Keep tabs on grades, schoolwork, immunization records, transcripts, contacts for sports teams, doctors, educators, and more.

Easily create albums of your kids’ schoolwork and artwork to share with grandparents or friends.

Better yet, have access to all of this at your fingertips, wherever you are, when you need it.

  • Unlimited binders and tags for easy organization
  • Unlimited albums to show off their best work
  • Unlimited sharing and collaboration for both parents and students

Wrangle your kids’ documents and files. For parents with older kids who can benefit from using Doculife too, we offer a Family Plan with 5 licenses, enough for everyone.


Doculife makes keeping up with ‘everything kid’ a snap.

Sometimes a barrier to getting organized is simply knowing where to start or what to save.

With Doculife, we’ll suggest all of the important child-related documents you should have on hand, and then some you may not have even thought of.

Imagine having your children’s artwork, schoolwork, transcripts, accolades and more, all organized and accessible wherever you are!

Doculife is super affordable. For the price of only a few lattés, you can harness the power of Doculife for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Tired of all the subscriptions? Check out our Lifetime plan and pay only once.


Doculife is perfect for older students as well.

Researching class projects and collaborating with classmates is a snap with Doculife. 

Share a binder with classmates. They can then contribute their files and widgets to the project binder. Everyone will be on the same page, workng towards a common goal: an A+.

Students can create a binder per class, and keep all of their assignments and resources straight and organized, accessible anywhere they are for a study session.

Staying organized in school is one of the key ingredients to success. Doculife will crush that and then help you write your paper.

With Doculife’s super affordable 5 license Family Plan, mom, dad and every student in your household wins.


Widgets Help Make Binders Even Better

What’s a widget? A widget is a little helpful thing. Doculife has many “helpful things” that augment your organized documents like interactive maps, routes, countdown timers, videos, bookmarks and more.

With widgets you can do things like:

  • Bookmark important websites in your project Binder
  • Make maps of important places
  • Embed videos with important research information
  • Create notes with important things to remember
  • Create an album of images, documents and files
  • Save important contacts like teachers, coaches and friends’ parents

We’re making more of these helpful widgets every week. We want your binders to be the most useful things! Get started using widgets today. You’re going to love them.


Collaborate and Share with a Spouse, Teacher, Coach, Classmate… Anyone.

Collaborating within Doculife couldn’t be easier. 

Send an invitation to the person you’d like to collaborate with. When they become a collaborator, they can add and edit documents, files and widgets in your owned binder, making working on projects together super easy and very productive.

Collaborate with family, teachers, coaches, classmates, friends – anyone you can think of! Know exactly who’s online and who’s not simply by glancing at their profile icon. Green is online, yellow inactive, and red for offline.

Sign up for one of Doculife’s Unlimited Plans (very affordable Individual or Family pricing) and add as many collaborators as you need along with unlimited sharing. It’s win – win!


Do you have a unique way that you’re using Doculife?

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