Use Case: Collectors

Doculife is great for Collections

Every object has a story to tell. The more history one can show about an object, the more valuable it becomes.

Doculife is perfect in showcasing collections, and the history that surrounds the objects within. Cars, watches, wine, Nike™ sneakers, baseball cards, paintings, rare books, stamps, coins… so many things have stories waiting to be told.

Use Doculife to highlight those stories with authenticity documentation, photos, maps of where it’s been with previous owners, where it originated from, video, bookmark auction listings, and more.

Create your own custom checklist to adhere to your collection. Find out what’s missing and what you have. Doculife is a great way to showcase your collection.


Introducing DocuSnap, the Doculife Capture App

DocuSnap from Doculife enables you to quickly capture images of your collection. Use the images for appraisal purposes, and to show off your items.

Each binder in Doculife has its own unique QR code. Simply scan the code on your computer screen with your phone. Any images you capture after will automagically appear in that binder. Voila, it’s that easy!

DocuSnap is available for both Apple and Android phones and is free to download and use! Once you sign up for Doculife, you’ll be able to use DocuSnap.  Coming mid-September, 2019.


Add a Layer of Helpfulness with Widgets

What’s a widget? A widget is a little helpful thing. Doculife has many “helpful things” that augment your organized documents like interactive maps, routes, countdown timers, videos, bookmarks and more.

With widgets you can do things like:

  • Add a map of previous owners or origin
  • Embed videos and website bookmarks
  • Create notes with the full background story
  • Reverse lookups VINs of classic cars

We’re making more of these helpful widgets every week. We want your binders to be the most useful things! Get started using widgets today. You’re going to love them.


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