Securely store all kinds of content

Documents, videos, photos, bookmarks, images, notes, checklists, diagrams, org charts

Store eveything in one place

Everything is safely stored and accessible in one place, no matter where you are and across multiple devices

Unlimited storage for your documents, photos, contacts, sharing, videos and conversations.
Upload as many files as you like and safeguard your content in the clouc
Visual storage

Unlimited storage

Say goodbye to upgrade nags with our Unlimited storage plans and upload as much as you want via the desktop application or the iOS and Android native App for your mobile or tablet.

Safeguard everything

As you upload your things to your Binder, everything will be securely saved in the cloud. And, as you work inside Doculife, everything will automatically be backed up for you.

Visually friendly

Doculife processes your files as thumbnail images making it much easier to visualize your things and find what you are looking for fast. Say goodbye to having to remember complicated file names.

Super secure storage for your important or confidential documents with our Digital Private Vaults
Free up space on your phone or hard drive by storing all your stuff inside Doculife.

Digital Private Vaults

Doculife offers an additional layer of security for customers wanting to store important or confidential documents. Digital Private Vaults are super secure passphrase encrypted and autolocking Binders.

Digitalize and safeguard

Digitalize all your important documents and safely keep them in Doculife. You can even email files you scan straight to any binder where they’ll be processed and uploaded automatically using the import email feature.

Free up space

Free up space on your phone or hard drive by storing everything on Doculife. Customers on Unlimited plans benefit from having their content saved on multiple servers in independent locations.

Get secure storage now with Doculife