Two New Features to Super Power Your Life

Two New Features to Super Power Your Life
January 18, 2019 The Doculife Team

At Doculife, we understand that time is a very valuable thing. There never seems to be enough of it in the day to do all the things we want to do.

And when we think about organizing our document-laden lives, the task may seem very daunting to many. It’s so much easier to turn on Netflix and tell ourselves we can do it another day.

That’s the odd thing about life. It doesn’t wait for us to be ready. It continually happens, for better or for worse.

We are very proud to announce that we can help you tackle those documents and get them organized and into your Doculife account in a snap. And better yet, back to watching Netflix with a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind that you are ready for life.

Introducing Document Tags: More Than Meets the Eye
Some of us still use those small 3-inch by 3-inch paper sticky notes to remind ourselves of various things.

Doculife’s new tags are no different. They are cute and small and colorful. And you can make your own, allowing you to easily organize your documents within Doculife.

Within Document Overview, simply start typing to the right of the document name and add keywords separated by commas. Hit enter and your keywords don their superhero capes and become tags, powering Doculife’s document filtering and Scenario creation.

But their true super power is revealed when paired with our next big announcement.

Introducing Import via Email: Are You Ready to Save Time?
How many of you keep paper records at home but the idea of scanning them makes you suddenly think that cleaning your kitchen with a toothbrush seems like a better idea? Or knowing that there are many important documents kept as attachments in your email or on your computer? Yes, us too.

I am here to tell you, we’ve made a great new feature to make the process of turning paper documents into digital, and importing all those email attachments super easy. If tags were Robin, our new import via email feature is Batman. Together they form a very powerful dynamic document duo.

With Doculife, you now have free access to as many unique @mydoculife.com addresses as you need. Send documents to your @mydoculife.com address from your scanner, computer, tablet or phone.

Remember those super cool document tags we told you about? Simply type keywords into the Subject line of the email, and we’ll turn them into document tags and apply them to all the attachments of that email. Yes, you read that right. You don’t even need to sign in to your Doculife account to add the tags after importing. It can all be done in one single email. Now that is some powerful stuff.

How Do I Get My @mydoculife.com Address?
We’re so glad you asked. Simply go to your Doculife Account Profile by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the application. Next choose Document Tools. There you will find your first @mydoculife.com address. You can give it a name and description, and also add tags to it if you like. Any email sent to it will have that tag, plus any you add in the Subject line.

For example, add a Succession Plan tag to a @mydoculife.com email address within Doculife. You can then further fine-tune specific documents with tags entered into the Subject line of the email before sending. If I have a Power of Attorney PDF, I can send it to my Succession Plan @mydoculife.com address and enter “Power of Attorney” in the email subject line. That document would then have both tags automatically applied when it is imported.

Prepare for Life’s What-ifs With Doculife
The next time you think about your document-laden life, now you know you have the power to digitize, organize and prepare quickly and easily with Doculife. We are excited about these two new features and the many more to come in the future. Log in to your Doculife account today to get started. Or sign up free today and start living the Doculife.