Templates guide the way.

Doculife is there to help from the moment you first log in. 

Most document storage services leave you out in the cold after you’ve signed up. Not Doculife. We’re here to help, if you need it.

Templates are subject-specific binders, pre-filled with empty slots for documents you should upload, related to that topic. They are thought starters for how to use Doculife in your everyday life.

They come with a checklist of documents and widgets for that specific subject. If you feel one doesn’t pertain to you, hover over the checklist item and hide or delete it.

Simply drag the correct document onto the placeholder, and watch the checklist get completed. You can also drag and drop onto the checklist item itself.

We’re building a community to share templates with others, for the thousands of ways we know you will be using Doculife. Stay tuned!



Templates for Trip Planning

Templates for Property Ownership like vehicle or real estate

Templates for Small Business

Templates for Event Planning

Templates for Estate Planning

Templates for Medical and Heath

Templates for Families

Templates for School