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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s are not in the form of legal advice. Users should obtain his or her own advice for the law in the jurisdiction they are in.

Who is Doculife?

Doculife is Doculife Global Inc, a USA registered and regulated company. We have a number of international operating subsidiaries.

Our founders, executive managers and technical staff have long and decorated histories in information and application security and building enterprise software/service solutions at global scale.

What’s the difference between Doculife and Dropbox, Box, other online file sharing services?

Other “online file sharing” services offer a different type of online document storage service that has a lower grade of security and integrity (even though they generally have user-document/file access control and in some cases optional features such as encryption.)

Doculife is the only service provider which secures your documents using a multi-layered multi-party encryption process and uses an independent Concierge to verify that your specified Scenario Conditions are met, and that your nominated Recipients are authenticated.

Are digital copies legal?

In most jurisdictions the law is reasonably settled that the requirement for a document to be “in writing” can be satisfied by a digital copy.

Are digital copies of Titles, Wills, etc as good as the original?

The law is still developing in this area particularly where the grant of probate is required for a will.  In some jurisdictions the grant of probate for electronic wills is possible but in general terms for wills it is preferable that an original of the document is retained where the digital version can serve as a copy.  In many jurisdictions title deeds are now electronic and copies are no longer required.  For those jurisdictions that do not have a centralized electronic titles register it is still necessary to retain original documents.

What types of documents should I store in Doculife?

The possibilities of how Doculife can be used in your personal life are many. When you upload a document to Doculife, we will show you the many types of documents you can upload. For example, documents associated with succession planning, real estate, financial documents, insurance plans, personal identification and so much more. Doculife accepts most major filetypes, as well as multimedia files such as pictures, videos and audio recordings.

What's the benefit of storing images of Passports and Drivers License when they can not be used as copies?

Having copies of these personal identification documents can help prove your identity if it is stolen and being misused.  Having a reliable electronic record of the original document readily available will often assist in reducing the time taken to obtain a replacement passport or drivers licence.  Producing the digital copy to your consulate will generally make it much easier to prove your identity and get a new passport.

Who can view my documents?

The only people who can view your documents are:

  • your nominated Recipient(s), if or when the Scenario Conditions are satisfied and confirmed by your selected independent Concierge.

The Concierge you select cannot view the documents. Even Doculife cannot view the documents, because they are encrypted multiple times, and Doculife does not have access to the encryption keys used.

Where does Doculife store my information?

Doculife stores customer information in a number of data centers. More details as to what information we collect, and what we might do with it, can be found in the Doculife Privacy Policy.

Each independent Concierge has there own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, found on the About This Concierge tab on all Concierge subscription plans.

The Doculife encryption key store is in a different physical, logical and legal jurisdiction from vaults.

Does Doculife hold my password?

No. Doculife does not collect or store your user password.

When you create a Doculife user account, a third party ‘federated identity’ provider, Auth0, integrates with the source of your account (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) and performs all authentication functions. Your password is managed by those organizations, not by Doculife, and Doculife has no way to obtain your password.

Why do I need a Concierge?

The Concierge is a trusted third party, or guardian angel, who verifies that the Scenario Conditions you have selected have actually occurred, and that the Recipients making claims for access are authenticated before any of your specified documents are decrypted and released.

A Concierge is critical to provide this level of privacy, security and assurance. It is neither Doculife nor your specified Recipient(s) that make the decision as to whether your documents can be released. It is an independent third party.

Which Concierge plan should I choose?

Concierge are typically large, long established, heavily regulated organizations such as banks and other financial institutions. Many of these already offer other secure services, and they bring this experience to the digital world through Doculife. Users may already have a relationship with some Concierge.

Concierge plans offer a range of different verification services at different price points. Some may only operate in certain countries or cities. Some may require various levels of identification (eg passport, proof of address) or the presentation of documentation of a Scenario Condition (eg birth registration, death certificate). You should choose a Concierge plan that you believe provides you the greatest peace of mind and assurance.

How much is it and when do I pay?

Doculife does not set subscription fees, these are set by the Concierge.

Subscription fees be paid monthly or annually, by credit card. Currently Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted as valid forms of payment.

A primary source of payment is set within your Profile.

How do I get help?

Send us a note at support@doculife.com and one of our support staff will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

I have an idea, is Doculife interested?

We’re happy to accept suggestions and feedback using our feedback form.