Smart Email Ingestion

Send emails to Doculife to automatically be uploaded and the attachments saved in your Binders

Use Doculife to take control of your inbox

Take control of your inbox with Doculife

Each binder has its own email address which you can use to send emails
AUtomatically forward regular emails to your Binder to be uploaded and saved

Smart email ingestion

Every binder, section and album in Doculife has its own unique-to-you import email address. Using this address, you can send emails and attachments directly to your binders. They’ll be processed and uploaded automatically in PDF format. The next time you connect, you’ll find all your content waiting for you.

Automatically forward your emails

Set rules in your email provider to automate the forwarding of any regular, periodic emails such as bank statements, utility bills or invoices. They’ll be uploaded and saved exactly where you want them in your Binder. Doculife does the work for you. So much easier than opening each indiviudal email and saving each attachment.

Scan and directly send documents to your Binder
Personalize your email address

Scan to Doculife email

Scan, digitalize, send and securely store copies of your important documents in Doculife using the Binder’s import email address. Simply plug in the Binder, section or album email address into your scanner and hit send. Everything will be automatically uploaded and saved as pdfs in your Binder.

Personalize your email address

With Doculife’s Unlimited plans you can personalize your Doculife email addresses to make them more on brand, distinctive and easier to share and remember. Choose a subdomain, for example @interiorsbydesign.mydocumail.com and then select a relevant username for before the @, for example invoices@interiorsbydesign.mydocumail.com.

Take control of your inbox with Doculife