Share with the people you choose

Friends, family, fellow students, work colleagues, employees, customers

Share with the people you choose

Using our Binder system, sharing is a breeze.

A binder with all kinds of content
Invite contributors to your binders by adding and email of phone number.
A binder shared with many contacts.

Share anything

Drag and drop whatever you want to share to your Binder – documents, photos, files, videos, bookmarks and notes. Also add Doculife widgets like diagrams, org charts, checklists and spreadsheets.

It’s quick and easy

Simply put in the email or phone number of the person you want to share with, and click to send the invitation – you can even personalize the invite. Even if they aren’t already on Doculife.

With a few or many

With Doculife you can choose who you want to share with, employees, customers, leads, friends or family. Whether it’s with one or many, no complex set up, just a few clicks.

Invite people to share a Binder and decide what permissions to give them
Private network
Choose what pemissions you want to give the people you share with

Temporary or permanent

Simply make the content available to anyone you want, for as long as you want. Just change their access rights from the shared Binder when you no longer want them to see it. It’s that easy.

Privacy, guaranteed

Your content is private by default. Only shared with those you explicitly choose to share with. Never have to worry about unwanted eyes seeing your stuff again.

Decide how you share

You choose what permissions to give the people you share with. Read or download only, edit or fully fledged admin rights. Change permissions or even transfer ownership of any Binder at any time.

See who has visited your binder and when they were last there.
Digital Private Vaults
Share on the go with the mobile app for iOS and Android

Share in real-time

Be on the same page as you read, create, edit, upload and download in real-time, together. Know when your contacts are viewing your Binder and keep an eye on who does what with your content.

Super secure sharing

We offer an added layer of security for sharing important, sensitive or confidential files with our Digital Private Vaults. These Binders are passphrase encrypted and auto-lock enabled.

Even on the go

Share when you are on the move with the Doculife Mobile App for iOS and Android. The perfect companion to the desktop platform helping you stay on top of things even when you´re away from your desk.

Start sharing now with Doculife