Security and Encryption

Unfortunately Corporate security and identity breaches are now common place. Should we as a society expect our information to be stolen?

The major push for consumers to go to the cloud for storage is not even secure and have been hacked. Why would you want to store your personal documents there?

Doculife is the most secure place to store your sensitive documents available on the market to date. We secure and protect them through our proprietary DocumentArmour™ and Concierge services to ensure your information is safe, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

DocumentArmour, the Gold Standard in Document Security

Doculife has developed the strongest document cryptography available to today’s modern web browsers, mobile devices and personal computers.

Our multi-layered, multi-party approach ensures that your documents are safe. In the unlikely event of a compromise, DocumentArmour renders the compromised portion useless since the document is split and stored in multiple locations. Now that’s security.

Introducing Concierge, the Guardian Angel for Your Documents

Doculife is proud to offer its white glove Concierge service for all Doculife users.

A Concierge will ensure that the people who are designated to receive your documents are who they say they are before unlocking and decrypting anything.

Doculife offers a multitude of Concierge plans to fit any budget. Plans contain varying levels of required identity proof from easy to difficult, depending on your personal needs.

Rest assured, the Concierge will release your documents to the  individuals you’ve named, only after your desired conditions have been met and verified.

Point to Point Document Encryption

The moment you click “Upload” on your computer, your documents are encrypted and secured. This is the beauty of Doculife’s DocumentArmour technology.

Your most important documents are never, at any point, able to be read or seen by anyone, until they are released to your designated Recipient(s).

We can’t see them. Your Concierge can’t see them. Your Recipients can’t see them. No one can. Until they are meant to be seen.

Now that is some all-powerful security and encryption.

Doculife securely automates your most important documents, giving you the peace of mind you’re searching for.