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Bookmark a web page


Store and organize your photographs and images with our Album widget. A piece of cake to create, just drag and drop one image onto another, or upload them straight into an Album. Choose your favourite picture as a thumbnail for your Album or let Doculife do it for you.

And when you want to show off your awesome collection to the world, select the slideshow feature, complete with adjustable transitions from one image to another.


Save that useful web page straight into a Binder to keep and view alongside all the other relevant information in that Binder. Open the boomark widget, add the URL, select a section and click create. All your boomarks are conveniently saved as thumbnail images to help you remember the topic of the page. And, when you want to visit the site again, simply click on the boomark to open.

Alternatively, use our browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to clip bookmarks and other content from the net into Doculife.

Write a checklist or to do list
Add all your contacts to a Binder


Quickly create a checklist or to-do-list inside any Binder using our checklist widget, convenient for planning, organizing and achieving your goals. And as you get things done, stay motivated by checking off the items on your list.

Next time you need to create a to-do-list, a list of things you need to verify or inspect, outline steps in a process, or write a shopping lists, use the Doculife checklist widget. And stay on top of your tasks when you are on the move, with the Mobile App for iOS and Android.


Make sure all the contact information for your customers, suppliers, employees, friends, family and other personal contacts is stored in Doculife using our Contact widget. All your contacts will be safely securely in the cloud and accessible wherever and whenever you need. No more stress about losing them if one of your devices crashes.

Organize them however you want, centrally into a separate Contact Binder or keep them in context by adding them to specific project or customer Binders.

Chat or comment inside your Binder
Create a diagram or flow chart


Working on a project and want to comment on something with a collaborator without having to jump from platform to another.

Docilife’s conversation widget allows you to have topic focused conversations inside a Binder or even a specific section. Tag people, other sections and other documents to get your point across. Allow all contributors to comment even those with read/download permissions only.


Use the Doculife Diagram widget, to help you think and plan visually with your work colleagues, clients, fellow students, or friends.

Quickly create the diagram you need; flowcharts, process diagrams, use case diagram, user flow, UML diagrams, decision tree diagrams, Email drip campaign flow, concept maps, recruitment process flowcharts, spider diagrams, essay writing diagrams, data flow diagrams and more.

Visualize your goals with the Milestone widget


Pinpoint a place of interest or business and add a location with our location widget to create a map inside any Binder.

Give it a title, add the address or location name and create your map, anywhere in the world. Super useful when you are planning a trip and want to situate places alongside all your other plans and details.


Visually see your goals and objectives and make sure you stay on track with the Milestone widget. 

Use our Milestone widget to mark specific points, activities and events or other reference points when planning or managing a project. Stay motivated by checking the milestones off as you accomplish each goal.

Write notes
Produce an org chart


Capture ideas and thoughts before they slip your mind, write down meeting details or summarize important conversations with our rich Note widget. And when you are out and about, create notes on the go using our mobile App for iOS and Android.

Select and format your font, align the content, format paragraphs and spacing, add bulleted or numbered lists, set a background colour, insert images, hyperlinks, video URLs, tables, add a quote, or use emoticons to lighten the mood.

Org Charts

Help improve collaboration and communication across your business by clearly defining and visually depicting your organization’s structure, hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities and workflows with the Doculife Org Chart widget.

Quickly create and share with your employees along with all the other relevant HR and training documentation they need access to using Doculife.

Create a Reminder
Track your data with the spreadsheet widget


Never forget another meeting, deadline, appointment or birthday with our Reminder widget. Set them up anywhere inside a Binder or relevant section and start counting down the days, hours, minutes or even seconds.

Doculife will even let you know when your important date approaches and the reminder is due.


Create spreadsheets to organize, categorize, manage and view your data. With the Doculife Spreadsheet widget you can format cells, text and numbers, add formulas, copy and paste data, fill cells, insert columns and rows as well as lock cells.

Use our spreadsheets at work or home to manage your budget, track sales leads, control expenses, organize schedules or any other type of essential record keeping.

Save video links with the Doculife video widget


Planning a road trip and want to add your route to the Binder. With the Route widget you can map out a route from one place to another or add multiple stops along the way.


With the Doculife Video widget, add links of videos you want to keep and watch again in your Binder.  Doculife conveniently saves a thumbnail image of the video to help you quickly find the video when you need it. And, to watch the video, simply click on the play icon.

Remember, you can also clip videos from the net using our browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

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