Plan together, even when you are apart

Projects, events, conferences, celebrations, holidays, trips, school assignments

Plan a project using Doculife.

Plan anything, alone or together with clients, colleagues, friends or family.

All your content, files, documents, videos, photos, pdfs, spreadsheets, images, emails, to do lists, and other widgets in one place
Invite the people you want to plan with to share your binder.
To help you with your planning, Doculife has a suite of productivity tools or widgets.

Everything in one place

Upload, create and keep all your plans for you project in one central place, accessible wherever you are, on any device. Even when you are on the move with our Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Plan together

Feel like you’re in the same room with your people as you plan together in real time using a Shared Binder System. Interact with, collaboratively edit and view all kinds of content with the people you choose.

Productivity tools

Watch your plans come to life, with our diverse selection of handy tools right at your fingertips.  From notes, reminders and locations for you, to spreadsheets, org charts, diagrams and checklists for your business.

Share your binder with as many people as you want,
You and your friends can plan together in real time through our Binder system.
Chat, like, comment on any piece of content in your Binder.

Share your plans

Simply make the content available to anyone you want, for as long as you want. Just change their access rights from the shared Binder when you no longer want them to see it. It’s that easy.

Interactive planning

Doculife’s Shared Binder System enables you to interactively plan together with your clients, colleagues, friends or family. Watch things pop up in your Binder as your collaborators upload, edit, view and comment.

Talk about your project

Everyone can chat, like and comment on anything in your Binder, individually, directly inside the platform. No more jumping from one platform to the other or sifting through email threads to find that one email.

To clip things from the web, just right click on the content and save it directly into a Binder.
Launch a Zoom meeting straight from your Binder.
Showcase your project with our awesome layouts.

Clip content from the net

While planning, capture and save useful bookmarks, links, videos, images, or text from the web straight into your Binder. With the Doculife Web Clipper or Browser Extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, it’s as simple as a right click.

With Zoom meetings

With Doculife and Zoom, transform your audio-visual meetings into virtual workspaces and take your planning to another level. Schedule regular planning calls or launch ad-hoc Zoom meetings directly from your Binder.

Showcase your project

Organize your content into attractive interactive portfolios to showcase your project, plan or idea. Quickly and easily personalize per client, per project or however you want.

Start planning now with Doculife