New Browser Extension Saves Anything into Doculife While You Browse the Web

New Browser Extension Saves Anything into Doculife While You Browse the Web
April 2, 2020 The Doculife Team

Available now: The new browser extension saves images, videos, bookmarks, notes and links directly into any binder within Doculife. Super handy and blazing fast.

Simply right-click and save things from the web securely into your Doculife account, while you browse.

Check out the example below to see how truly powerful the plugin can be.

Ridiculously useful… and dare we say fun.

Get more done in less time. Who doesn’t ❤️ that?

Save Images

Right-click on an image to save into any Doculife binder. Save images while browsing for inspiration, bucket lists, travel planning, mood boards, research and more.

Save Videos

Save videos into any Doculife binder from popular sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Play videos directly within Doculife. Watch on the go via the Doculife mobile app.

Save Notes

Save an editable note simply by highlighting text on a web page and selecting a binder. Useful for research on school projects, content publishing, podcasting, DIY projects and more.

Save Bookmarks

Bookmark any webpage for viewing later. Get a real-time preview of the webpage in Doculife. Bookmarked pages can also be viewed in-app while on the go.

Save Links

In addition to saving a bookmark of the page you are currently on, you can also right-click any link and save the link and its destination without actually visiting the page.

Super-charge your web browsing with the Doculife browser extension

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Web Browsing, Super-charged.

It takes literally a few seconds to install the extension or add-on.
It will save hours of copying/pasting.

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