How to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions with Doculife!

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Wondering how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions in 2021? What a year 2020 has been. Not one event defined this year, but many, many abnormal events. So many so, the name “2020” has become its own meme when referencing events that aren’t going well. With the new year just a few weeks away, I think we’re all making some New Year’s Resolutions this go round in hopes for an easier time in 2021.

One thing with keeping New Year’s Resolutions is that many start them with the best of intentions to improve something or achieve something in the New Year. That however doesn’t work out for most. Many people’s resolutions are forgotten quickly as they fall by the wayside and become forgotten just a few weeks or months into the New Year.

Make yourself accountable this year. In this article we’ll show you how to keep New Year’s Resolutions by using Doculife to help with keeping things organized and top of mind. You’ll fall in love with our goal setting tools to help you stay the course and succeed in keeping that New Year’s Resolution.

2020 was quite an interesting year and will be remembered as the year of COVID-19 pandemic, the new normal and social distancing.

The Web Clipper Saves Content into Doculife While You Browse

Before we jump into how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, you should install the Doculife Web Clipper browser thingy for Chrome or Firefox. This will superpower your browsing.

With the Web Clipper, easily save videos, images, bookmarks, notes and links directly into any Doculife binder with a simple right click of the mouse. Ever pinned anything to Pinterest? Then you can save things to Doculife using the same method. Unlike Pinterest however, we’ll also give you the tools to stay on track and achieve your desired results!

Check out this Doculife Knowledgebase Article about how to install and use the Web Clipper. Or check out the video here.

Eat Healthy and/or Get in Shape

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to eat more healthy and/or lose a few pounds, get into shape. Ever walk into a gym a day or two after New Year’s Day and you will see quite a few new faces. This is not a coincidence. The new faces are New Year’s Resolutions people, reenergized by the New Year.

A great work out plan is made even better by eating a healthy diet as well. If you are doing one of these and not the other, that’s ok. Read on. All of these tips will apply.

There are a lot of fantastic work out routines and videos online to follow. There is also a lot of fantastic recipes, whether you are doing the Keto thing or just trying to eat more green vegetables. Where to keep all this information readily accessible at your fingertips? Doculife of course. Let’s break it down by activity.

Keep your eat healthy or get in shape new year's resolution.
Track your progress with Doculife’s Milestone or Checklist Widgets. You can do it!

How to Save Work Out Videos and Tips to Achieve Your Goals

With the pandemic still hanging around and countries in various stages of lockdown, you’re probably wondering how to get in shape at home. This makes complete sense! Lucky for you there have been loads of content created on this exact topic over the past 9 months.

Using the Doculife Web Clipper, easily save workout videos that fit your needs and level of activity. Save images showing how to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injury. And lastly, easily save workout routines as notes so you have a record of sets, reps and rest time for optimal results.

Use the Doculife mobile app to take check-in selfies in the mirror, adding the photos directly into the binder of your choice. Take one before you begin your program, and then maybe once a month to track progress. Create a section specifically for these in progress photos so you can readily see the progress you are making. When we see progress, it helps us stay on track and continue working towards our goals.

The mobile app also lets you work out where you want. Watch your saved videos from your phone or tablet on the floor or park, wherever you are. Easily check off exercises as they are completed. Easily reference exercise mechanics diagrams to ensure you’re getting the most from your workout. It’s almost like having your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

Use the Milestone Widget to set goals for yourself. For example, this may be losing a set amount of weight. Set up milestones using your end goal weight as the end goal, and then other amounts in between your starting point and your end goal. Be sure to be realistic yet aspirational. Or use milestones as goal setting for how far you can run. Marking off each one as it is completed is extremely satisfying.

When we can SEE our progress through photos, and proudly check off milestones, this makes us happy and we want to continue doing well. These positive feedback loops that are built in to Doculife to help you stay on track, keep your New Year’s Resolution and achieve your goal.

How to keep your New Years Resolutions - How to lose weight
A Milestone Widget showing goals for losing weight.
How to keep your New Years Resolutions - how to get in shape
A Milestone Widget showing goals for running 3 miles.

How to Save Healthy Recipes and Meal Plan

Maybe you simply need to eat healthier so you have more energy and feel better overall. Having a healthy diet also goes hand and hand with getting in shape, if you’re on that path as well. Either way, Doculife is a great platform for saving recipes and organizing meal plans.

As you browse the web looking at recipes, easily add a bookmark to it using the free Doculife Web Clipper. Simply right click anywhere on the webpage and choose Add Bookmark and then select the destination binder, all in one motion. Easy peasy!

Another fantastic use if the Web Clipper is that you can highlight the recipe’s text, right click and choose Create Note and then select the destination binder, again, all in one motion. Doculife will automagically create a note with that information for you in the binder you chose. The Web Clipper will save you oodles of time.

Use Doculife’s Web Clipper to save recipe content and images with a single click.

Organizing meal plans with Doculife is very quick. Set up a binder for each day of the week. The within each binder, create a section for each mealtime. As you browse the web for recipes, you can save each one directly into the specific day of the week binder from whatever webpage you are viewing.

In Doculife, you can use the tagging feature to categorize the saved recipes. To add that category to a binder, simply add its tag in the left column, “Add a Custom Tag”. Every recipe with that tag will then instantly appear in that binder.

Get the Web Clipper. It’s the all-powerful, quick saving, make you ultra-efficient and say “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” browser add-on you’ll wish you had started using a long time ago.

Use the Web Clipper to save how-to videos on anything you’d like to learn, into Doculife. Learn guitar, how to cook something and so many other interesting topics. Doculife keeps it all organized for you, available anywhere and any time you are ready to learn.

How to Use Doculife to Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Not all New Year’s Resolutions have to do with fixing something. Many are simply made to help us grow as individuals. Like learning a new skill or hobby such as wood working, knitting, juggling, cooking and thousands more.

Most people start a fresh endeavor like this by typing “how to ____” into Google. The results can often include a multitude of avenues to take. Videos, websites, physical products to buy that are related, images and sometimes even slideshare decks and more. It can be a little overwhelming where to begin.

Use Doculife to create a binder for the new hobby or skill you are researching. With the Doculife Web Clipper, you can save things from the search results page to follow up on later. Right click any link and select “Save Target” and select a destination binder, all in one motion. This will save the link’s destination page as a bookmark. Later you can follow up on the ones you’ve saved.

Create sections to divvy up the learning process. For example, create a section for tutorial videos, a section for tutorial bookmarks, and another section for recommended tools or gear. Feel free to curate this as you go, getting rid of content you feel is not up to par or relevant to your goal. You will end up with a binder full of highly relative, useful content for learning.

Use the milestone widget to set goals for learning. Doculife provides these helpful little apps to aid you in your process to not only be inspired, but also to complete your goals and see them through.

Keep your New Year's Resolution to plan a holiday by inviting a friend to collaborate with.
Keep your New Year’s Resolution to plan a holiday by inviting a friend to collaborate with.

How to Use Doculife to Plan a Holiday

Simply because many of us are on restrictions currently doesn’t mean you cannot plan for the future. We crave dreaming, planning, creating, as a basic human need. Don’t let yourself fall into depression, especially this time of year when the weather may not be that great if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to plan a holiday or a vacation. Even it’s simply in your own state and going to visit a landmark or go for a hike. The idea is to plan it, and then do it, get out and be active. If you want to go bigger, go bigger! Dream it, plan it and make it happen with Doculife.

Traveling is also better with a friend or family. Invite them to Doculife to collaborate and plan with you. Doculife is fantastic for collaborating within the same binder. Each person can add their own interests, hotel options, entertainment and restaurant options and more.

Invite a friend or family member to collaborate in any binder.
Invite a friend or family member to collaborate in any binder.

Chat in real time, on either your computer or in the mobile app. Favorite the things you like. Add emojis, tag your friends in chat, share your ideas with them. There’s nothing better than planning a trip with friends! Even better is that you can all plan it remotely and stay safe.

Anyone can use the Doculife Web Clipper to bookmark and save content directly into the shared binder. You will quickly see that keeping this New Year’s Resolution is a no brainer.

This weekend trip to Las Vegas is all planned and ready to go for later in 2021.

How to Use Doculife to Digitally Declutter and Get Organized

How to Digital Declutter with Doculife
Doculife will help make order out of this desktop chaos.

This is it. This is the year you’re going to declutter and get everything organized. You are not alone. We all have files, photos, documents and music spread across a variety of devices, thumb drives and online services like email or Dropbox. It’s constantly on our minds that it needs to get done.

When we have unresolved thoughts, it leads to restless sleep and stress that can build over time, the worse the problem gets. This leads to other problems like unhealthy eating, lack of motivation and depression.

In our previous blogpost, “How Doculife Will Declutter Your Digital Life & Give You Peace of Mind,” we did a deep dive into all the way Doculife can completely solve issues like email clutter, photo clutter, and of course, document clutter.

Knowing exactly where things that are important to you are located will be a big burden lifted. You will gain confidence and peace of mind. You will be happier overall keeping this New Year’s Resolution.

With a Doculife Unlimited plan, customize the Import Email’s subdomain to be anything you like, allowing you then to customize the “to” part of the address. With an import email address on a free or paid plan, use it to declutter your inbox and get rid of all the paper in the office by scanning to email and importing to Doculife.

Email has gotten so bad that the programs we use now use algorithms to show us the “important” things because we get over a hundred a day. Using Doculife’s import email feature, forward attachments and important emails into any binder, section or album within Doculife. Get them out of that blackhole of email and into nice neat binders in Doculife.

Doculife also allows multiple uploads so drag and drop documents and files into Doculife. As one set is uploading, drag and drop another set. Select the exact binder, section and/or album the uploads go in to. Tag objects that are being uploaded for better overall organization. So go ahead and declutter documents and files into one secure place, accessible wherever you are via the Doculife mobile app.

How to Use Doculife to Stay Connected With Family

One my own New Year’s Resolutions is to stay more connected to extended family that live out of state and about a thousand miles away. Doculife is perfect for showcasing holidays photos and chat in real time.

Declutter your photos into albums on Doculife by date or event. Share them with friends and family by inviting them to Doculife. If they were there, they can also add in their own photos. It’s truly a collaborative, fun and rewarding time. Each photo can have its own dedicated conversation, so share those memories via chat and emojis. Tag a family member to call them out. Respond with emojis.

All conversations are summarized in the “Conversations” nav item at the top of your screen on a computer, or in the Conversations area on mobile (look for the chat balloon in the toolbar!). Use this to quickly respond to any comments on any object anywhere in Doculife.

You can also upload other mementos from past trips and excursions to really make a fantastic family memories binder. Things like amusement park or concert tickets, excursion brochures and more. Take a pic with the Doculife mobile app and add to any album, section or binder.


Doculife is a great way to keep your New Year’s Resolutions this coming year. It’s packed with helpful tools and apps to get you over the preverbal hump and achieve your goals and dreams.

It’s free to get started, no credit card required. There’s two hurdles to not get started removed, two excuses removed, right there. It’s free. You don’t need a credit card. It’s fun to use. It’s quick to get started. And there’s the free Web Clipper and mobile app.

Doculife, Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution Success toolkit. Get started today, we’re with you all the way.