How to Get Organized

How to Get Organized

Binders are the new, better folder. Fill’er up.

We have been using folders the same way since the 80’s. They are an old concept that has seen its day pass like acid-wash jeans and fanny packs.

Trade up to Doculife and Binders.

Binders can do more and hold more. They can have dynamic documents, web snippets, interactive maps in addition to handling virtually any type of media, document or file.

Binders will revolutionize the way we store everything digital online.

Tags make your Doculife world go ’round.

In order to get your documents and files to appear in a Binder, give them a Tag that makes sense to you. Tags are little descriptive words like “bank statement” or “photo”.

Simply add a Tag to the Binder’s checklist and ‘voila!’ the document appears in your Binder, and any other Binder that has that same Tag! How cool is that?

Add documents & files from here, there and anywhere.

One of our goals with Doculife was to make it easy as possible to import, upload and add all the documents and files in our life.

Direct Upload
Simply choose a Tag and drag and drop documents and files from anywhere on your computer onto the dotted rectangle.

Import Email
Each Binder has its own unique-to-you email address. Use it to forward attachments from past emails. Scan older paper documents directly to email and right into your Doculife account.

DocuSnap™ Mobile Capture App
(Coming soon!) Each Binder also has its own unique QR code. Use the iOS or Android DocuSnap app to capture and import paper documents, accident photos, happy photos, appraisal images, insurance images and more.

Add that digital spice and sparkle with Widgets.

Widgets breathe life into your Binder by giving you an arsenal of dynamic and interactive tools to augment your uploaded documents and files.

Planning a trip? Add a map or route. Bookmark pertinent websites. Embed a video. Add a countdown to generate some anticipation.

Have a Binder about your car? Add relevant notes, a maintenance tip video, photos from your last road trip and more.

Make a Binder all about your house and import or add all relevant documentation, but don’t stop there. Add a street-view or map of your house, embed DIY videos for home projects, or a note with your WiFI password for easy access.

Widgets are some serious special sauce, and we’re adding more every week.