Features and Benefits

No one can predict the future. However we can take steps to ensure that we are ready for whatever challenges the future may bring. A stolen passport. A natural disaster like hurricanes or wild fires. Medical emergencies like coma or even death.

Doculife gives you the peace of mind that in the event that these or other life challenges occur, your sensitive documents get to the people who need them most, efficiently, securely and automatically.

Take that trip. Build your dream home. Start a family. Dream big, Live the Doculife knowing your most important life documents are secured and protected.

Document Automation Anyone Can Understand

Doculife Scenarios feature easy to understand natural language sentences that empower and automate your documents.

Ever use MadLibs™ as a kid? Doculife is as easy, and we think, just as fun.

“If this happens, release these documents to this person.” It’s really that easy to add the power of automation to your documents using Doculife.

Scenario Conditions That Matter

When you create a Scenario, you’ll pick a Condition. This is the event that signals the start of the document release process.

If I die…
If I am in a coma…
If I need travel help…
and more.

Our list of supported Scenario Conditions is always growing.

Make Doculife Yours

Customize your Doculife Scenarios by adding a personal photo that means everything to you.

Adding a picture of your family, a destination of a future trip, a past memory, brings your Scenario to life visually.

Doculife Is More Than Just Documents

While Doculife is perfect for storing and automating your most sensitive documents, you can also use it to upload video, photos and sound files.

Create a time capsule for loved ones. A video will. Recordings of your children. Irreplaceable pictures from years past. And have them delivered to whom you designate based on an event you choose.

Doculife supports most major filetypes like MP4, MOV, JPG, MP3, AIFF, WAV and many others.