Doculife’s features are second to none


Take control over your digital life and organize it all with Doculife. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing all your important things and tasks are in one place, safe and accessible wherever you are.


Share anthing you want, with the people you choose – friends, family, fellow students, colleagues, clients, employees. Using our Binder system sharing is a breeze.


Doculife Shared Binders are a real-time collaborative experience where everyone can work on content, make plans, research and organize together all at the same time. It’s like being in the same room with your colleagues, customers, friends or family.


Plan anything, alone or together. Projects, events, conferences, celebrations, holidays, trips, school assignments. Watch your plans come to life, with our ever expaning range of productivity tools for you and your business.


Securely store all kinds of content: documents, videos, photos, bookmarks, images, notes, checklists, diagrams etc. Everything is safely stored and accessible in one place, no matter where you are and across multiple devices.

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