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Take your business to the next level with rich collaboration, organizing and planning tools, saving you, your employees and your customers time and money

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Doculife’s sharing and collaboration capabilities, unlimited secure storage, integrated video conferencing, productivity tools, interactive customizable visual layouts and import by email make it perfect for your business. One affordable, easy-to-use solution to store, manage, plan, present, collaborate and share everything you need making it a breeze to stay in touch with your customers.

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Doculife for Project Planning

Binder showing Doculife for project planning
  • Plan any kind of project with Doculife smoothly and efficiently
  • Plan alone or together with colleagues, collaborators, suppliers and clients
  • Customize each Binder by customer and by project
  • It’s like creating a personalized web page per client, but so much quicker and easier
  • Populate the Binder with the client proposal, renderings, concepts, videos, diagrams, quotations, budgets, flow charts etc.
  • Effortlessly add, edit and organize as your project evolves and develops
  • Brand your Binder, select presentation mode and successfully showcase your products and concept
  • Share the Binder with the people you choose; contacts inside your organization or directly with your client
  • Assign everyone a specific role, read or download only, edit or even full admin rights
  • Drastically reduce your email traffic by using the Binder as a portal to share and communicate all pertinent information
  • Or use the import email feature to send emails and attachments directly to the Binder to be automatically processed and uploaded
  • Chat via the conversation widget and comment on all content individually inside the Binder
  • Tag people, files and specific sections to get your point across
  • And when you are unable to meet in person, schedule a Zoom planning call directly via your Binder.
  • Take notes while you plan or save the call recording straight into your Binder
  • Planning and collaboration has never been so easy

Doculife for Event Organization

Binder showing Doculife for event planning
  • No matter how big or small, Doculife is the perfect event organization assistant
  • Upload all the relevant planning information to a Binder
  • Venues, maps, guest lists, menus, entertainment options, audio visual suppliers, furniture, decoration, tents, meeting spaces, event schedule, accommodation, rooming lists etc.
  • Share your event Binder with fellow planners, vendors and your client
  • Assign different permissions to different collaborators depending on their event planning role, read and download only for people you simply want to communicate information with, edit for planners you would like to upload and edit content in the binder or full admin rights for fellow project managers
  • And start planning together
  • The Binder will become your one central channel and single source of information keeping everyone on the same page at all times
  • Watch changes being made in real time as they pop up instantly in the Binder
  • Everyone can chat or make comments on any piece of content
  • And, when you want to highlight a particular document or catch someone’s attention just tag them
  • Utilize Doculife’s handy productivity tools to help you stay on track with your planning
  • Create checklists, to do lists or reminders
  • Add flow charts, org charts, diagrams, contact maps
  • Keep control of your budget with the spreadsheet widget
  • Use the web clipper to bookmark interesting web pages, links, videos or images straight into your Binder
  • And when you want to schedule a planning meeting but can’t all be in the same place, launch a Zoom meeting directly from your Binder.
  • With the Mobile App for iOS and Android, your planning does not have to stop when you leave the office
  • Access, view, chat, snap and upload on the go with your Mobile or Tablet
  • And, once you are ready to go live, create a Guest Information Binder, upload everything your attendees need to know and share
  • Supercharge your event planning with Doculife

Doculife for your Financial Documents

Binder showing Doculife for organizing your Financial Documents
  • Securely store, organize and manage all your financial documents with Doculife
  • Invoices, supplier bills, receipts, expenses, utility bills, credit card statements, budgets etc.
  • Using the import email feature, automatically forward regular bills and statements to your Binder where they will be instantly processed and the attachments uploaded and saved as PDFs.
  • Track your expenses, cash flow or annual budget with the spreadsheet widget
  • Add notes and reminders when payments are due
  • For the storage or transfer of sensitive and confidential data such as bank statements or payroll stubs, Doculife offers an additional layer of security with Digital Private Vaults
  • These are pass-phrase encrypted and auto-locking
  • Invite your Accountant to your Binder – when it’s time to file your tax returns, they’ll have all the infomation at their fingertips.
  • And if they need any clarification at all, they can reach out to you via the chat inside Doculife or add a comment tagging you, a document or a specific section

Doculife for Sharing Staff Policies

Staff induction Binder
  • Safely store, quickly update and easily share onboarding or induction information with your staff
  • Org charts, induction procedure, health and safety documentation, training manuals, training courses, federal holidays, basic guidelines, dress code and expected conduct, useful links etc.
  • Share the Binder with your new employees simply by adding their email or telephone number
  • They’ll be able to access and view the documentation whenever they need
  • If a staff member leaves the company, just remove them from the shared Binder
  • Staff can chat and comment on the content with you or even with fellow workers directly inside the Binder
  • And, the Binder Owner can see who has accessed and downloaded content by looking at the Binder History
  • When working remotely, perform on-line training courses using the integrated Zoom meetings feature
  • Schedule regular or launch ad-hoc Zoom calls directly from the Binder
  • Save transcripts or recording of these meetings for future reference inside the Binder

Doculife for Protecting Confidential Data

Binder showing a Private Digital Vault
  • Secure confidential data inside Doculife using the Digital Private Vaults
  • Digital Private Vaults are pass-phrase encrypted and auto-lock after a set time
  • Bank data: bank statements, account details, credit card details and statements
  • Staff details: personal information, CVs or Resumes, pay slips, performance reports, bonus incentives
  • Medical reports: health checks, medical information
  • Strategic information: company financial performance reports, strategic changes, retrenchments
  • To transfer confidential information, simply share your Digital Private Vaults with the contacts you choose
  • Only once you have provided them with the protected pass-phrase, will they be able to access and download the information

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