Doculife for Me

Doculife is for everyone that wants to easily plan, organize or share something

How you use Doculife is limited only by your imagination

How you use Doculife is limited only by your imagination

Whatever your heart desires

Whether you’re planning a trip or a family celebration, doing home renovations or collating all your favorite recipes, sharing your latest photos with your friends and family or safeguarding your important documents, Doculife makes it all painless and fun to store, organize, share or plan whatever your heart desires.

Photo Storage and Sharing

  • Upload and securely store all your photos inside Doculife
  • Snap and upload directly into any Binder with our Mobile App
  • Free up space on your devices by keeping everything in Doculife
  • Create beautiful albums and view as dynamic slideshows
  • See all your photo details and metadata
  • Easily share the photos you want with your friends and family
  • It’s like having your own private network
  • No more worrying about unwanted eyes ever seeing your photos again
  • Chat or comment on any photo and like your favourite ones
  • With Doculife, all your memories will be safe
Binder with photos stored and organized inside it

Plan a Celebration

  • Big or small, alone or together, Doculife is the perfect tool to help you plan a celebration
  • Create your planning Binder and share with your fellow planners
  • Add sections to help you organize: catering, entertainment, contracts, budgets, venues, tents, flowers etc.
  • Create to do lists or checklists so that you don’t forget any detail and as you get your tasks done, cross them off the list
  • Add the contact details of all the vendors with the contact widget
  • Upload and store any contracts in the Binder
  • Control your budget using the spreadsheet widget
  • Bookmark webpages or videos of entertainment options to review and help you decide which one is the best for your celebration
  • Comment and chat directly inside the Binder
  • And when you want to talk about your plans, launch a Zoom call straight from your Binder
Binder with plans for a celebration

Save your Favorite Recipes

  • Organize all your favorite recipes into Binders
  • Snap and upload old printed copies of those precious family recipes that have been passed down from your grandparents
  • When you see a recipe you like on the web, just right click to bookmark and save straight into your Binder
  • Organize into sections; healthy, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or however you want
  • Easily share them with friends and family, they can even add their own recipes to your Binder
  • Add notes, checklists or reminders
  • Like, chat or comment on your recipes with your friends and family
A Binder with favorite recipes stored inside

Safeguard your Important Documents

  • Store all your important documents inside Doculife using our Digital Private Vaults
  • Digital Private Vaults are super secure Binders which are pass-phrase protected and autolock enabled
  • Perfect for safeguarding copies of passports, birth certificates, ID card, drivers’ licenses, life insurance policies, insurance contracts, credit cards, bank details etc.
  • And, for peace of mind when transferring confidential or sensitive files, you can also use the Digital Private Vaults
  • Access your documents wherever you are, and whenever you need them
A digital private vault binder with important documents saved inside it

Plan a Holiday or Trip

  • As you plan your next trip or holiday, save all your hotel bookings, flight tickets, boarding passes, important contacts, places of interest etc. in a Binder
  • Add an itinerary with our route widget or pinpoint important places with the map widget
  • Share your Binder with your friends and family to help you plan
  • Clip all useful web pages, links or even videos into your Binder using the web clipper
  • Add a packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything important
  • Have all your planning information in one place, accessible wherever you are even with your mobile device
  • And while you are away, keep your friends and family in the loop by snapping and uploading your photos directly to your Binder
A binder with plans for a holiday stored inside it

Keep Track of all your Expenses

  • Upload invoices, bills, receipts, tax invoices, expenses etc.
  • Snap and immediately save receipts and expenses in your Binder, as you incur them with the Mobile App
  • Forward all your regular utility bills via emails to your Binder using the Import Email feature – they’ll be processed and automatically uploaded exactly where you want them
  • Use the spreadsheet widget to keep track of your expenses
  • Share your Binder with your accountant – when it’s that time of the year to do your tax return, he or she’ll have all your financial data at their fingertips
  • Answer any questions via the conversation feature directly inside your Binder or schedule a Zoom call to review and discuss together
  • Set reminders so that you never miss another tax filing deadline again

A binder with receipts and expenses saved inside it

Organize your Home Insurance

  • Keep all your insurance documents safe and in one place ready to share with your insurer
  • Upload valuations of all your prized possessions
  • Store photographs of each insured item or valuable
  • Arrange everything into sections: house, personal, vehicles, animal etc.
  • Keep copies of all your insurance policies inside the Binder
  • And, add the contact details of your insurance broker
  • Share with your insurer or your spouse
  • If you are out and about and something gets stolen, you have all your documents with you ready to make a claim or show to the police using the Mobile App
A binder for all your home insurance documents

Kitchen Remodel or DIY Project

  • Plan your home renovation or any DIY Project with Doculife
  • Add goals and objectives to your project using our Milestone widget
  • Create checklists or to do lists
  • Clip inspiration and ideas as your surf the net with the Web Clipper
  • Add your contractor details to the Binder
  • Invite your contractor to the Binder so that he or she can use it as a portal to plan together and communicate directly with you
  • Add photos of product finishes, paint colours, textures etc.
  • Bookmark appliances you like and want to purchase
  • Upload renderings of what the finished product will look like
  • Save quotations and keep on top of all the expenses by adding the receipts inside the Binder
  • Stay in control of your budget with the spreadsheet widget
A binder to plan your home renovation or DIY project

Plan your Wedding

  • Not only is Doculife a fantastic tool to help you plan your wedding, but it is also amazing for sharing all the wedding information ahead of the big day with your guests .
  • Add all the important planning information to your Binder
  • Arrange into sections – dresses, flowers, tents, cakes, hairstyles, make up options, invitations, venues, catering, entertainment, quotations, budgets etc.
  • Invite anyone you want to plan together with to share the Binder
  • Like, chat and comment on any of the content inside the Binder
  • Jump on a Zoom call with your friends or family to discuss the wedding plans and get their feedback
  • Set goals and reminders so that you don’t miss any important deadlines
A binder with all the plans for a wedding

Guest Wedding Portal

  • Create and share your wedding portal with all your guests using Doculife.
  • It’s like creating your wedding web page, but less complicated, quicker and more private.
  • Upload all the information your guests are going to need to the Binder
  • Wedding invitation with date and times, ceremony location and map, celebration venue, accomodation ideas and information, gift registrar, menus, table plan etc.
  • Guests can RSVP via the Binder, send you their dietary requirements, and ask you anything they need to ahead of the big day via the Binder chat
  • And on the big day, everyone can snap and upload fun photos of the wedding to the Binder so that so that afterwards all your photographic memories are in one central place immediately available for everyone to see and download
A binder to share wedding plans and information with guests

Show off your Classic Car

  • Add a description of your vehicle and it’s history
  • Document all the restoration work as you carry it out
  • Take photos of the car before and after you start any work
  • Upload any historic manuals you have on the car
  • Scan and save copies of all the original paperwork in your Binder for safekeeping
  • Upload any press releases about your vehicle
  • Add an event log with dates, locations and photos of any rallies or track days you have attended or are going to attend with your car
  • Share your Binder with fellow enthusiasts and swap interesting anecdotes and information
A binder showcasing a classic car

Everything Pet

  • Store all your pet information and photos in one central place
  • Pet passport, veterinary invoices, food bills etc.
  • Save storage space on your devices by keeping all your pet photographs and videos in your Binder
  • Share with your partner and other members of the family
  • Set reminders when the next vaccinations or visit to the vet is due
  • When you are out and about, snap and upload photos directly to the Pet Binder using the mobile App
A binder containing all valuable pet information and photos

Vacation Rental Property Information

  • Use Doculife to share all relevant vacation rental information with your property rental guests
  • Property photos, address and map, contact information, check in and check out details, basic guidelines, tourist information, recommended restaurants, things to do etc.
  • As soon as your guests confirm their reservation, share the Binder with them so that they can prepare their stay.
  • If they have any questions, they can ask you directly via the Chat inside the Binder
  • And when they are out and about they can check out all the information inside the Binder using the mobile app
  • So easy and so convenient
a property rental information binder

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