Securely collaborate with clients in real time. Find what you need, fast.

This is document storage for accounting, reimagined.


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AES256-bit Encryption

What the heck is that? Let us put it simply: AES would take billions of years to break using current computer technology, which is why it used by major financial institutions around the world, and us.


Staying in touch with clients is key to providing stellar overall service. Doculife has built-in on-page chat at both the binder and document level. Easily ask specific or general questions and get answers fast, right in Doculife.


Use binders, sections and tags to organize all of your clients’ documents and files. Find what you need fast, either visually, or in the traditional list view. Doculife works how you work.

Working Remote

Doculife was built for working remotely, distributed teams, or even sole proprietor with work-from-home businesses. Everything you need to stay in contact, share and collaborate with clients, in one easy to use platform.

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