Create, Organize and Share Anything, Anywhere with Anyone

For individuals and businesses, enterprise-class sharing and real time collaboration capabilities to achieve more with less effort.

Accomplish more, at work, at home, or on the move

Your all-in-one solution in the cloud to create, share and organize anything, anywhere with anyone - conveniently, securely and reliably.

With the power of Zoom, for business and pleasure

Enterprise-class sharing and collaboration is here for you and your business. Doculife and Zoom transforms your video conference calls into a whole new experience with dynamic, interactive and collaborative tools.

Super charge your business with Doculife

Take your business to the next level with rich collaboration, organizing and planning tools, saving you, your employees and your customers both time and money.

Let your customers keep in touch with you whenever, wherever

With the power of Doculife Binders, you and your customers can now share, communicate and plan anytime, anywhere, on any device through a rich, interactive space in the cloud.

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Feel like you’re in the same room with your people

Work and play together in real time using a Shared Binder System which enables you to interact with, collaboratively edit and view all kinds of content.

Watch your shared vision come to life, as you plan together using our diverse selection of handy tools right at your fingertips. From checklists to reminders we’ve got you covered.

People working from different places together on Doculife

Get closer with Zoom meetings and stay connected

Enjoy an unparalleled level of closeness with Doculife and Zoom, enabling you to be and stay connected before, during and after your meetings.

Doculife gives you a long-lasting unique space for each meeting empowering you to share everything you need to, have a conversation about anything you want, discuss and collaborate before during and after meetings, organize everyone’s contributions, and go back and revisit important details whenever you need.

Share anything you want with the people you choose

You’re in total control over who you invite to see your stuff. No more worrying about unwanted eyes on things you do on Doculife.

Choose what permissions to give to those who you invite. You can let them read and download, edit and contribute, or help you run things.

And talk about everything you share

Keep things in context. Everyone can chat, like and comment on anything you share, individually, directly inside the platform.

No more jumping from one platform to the other or combing through hundreds of emails looking for that one right email.

Have everything at your fingertips, no matter where you are

In today’s world our digital life is scattered across multiple devices, cloud services and apps. Centralize it all with Doculife and take control over your digital life.

You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing all your important things and tasks are safely stored in one place, and accessible wherever you are.

Even when you are on the move

We are not only on the web. Your Doculife experience continues seamlessly even when you are on the move, with our mobile apps for iOS and Android on all your devices,

Access, view, snap, organize and upload effortlessly without having to jump back and forth between multiple Apps and devices.

Hundreds of Uses

Doculife for Me

Whether you’re planning a trip or a family celebration, doing home renovations or collating all your favorite recipes, sharing your latest photos with your friends and family or safeguarding your important documents, Doculife makes it all painless and fun to store, organize, share or plan whatever your heart desires.

You can do all this and so much more with our all-in-one platform which makes it a breeze, whether you’re on the web or mobile.

Doculife for My Business

Doculife’s sharing and collaboration, unlimited secure storage, integrated video conferencing, productivity tools, interactive customizable visual layouts and import by email make it perfect for your business.

One affordable easy-to-use solution to store, manage, plan, present, collaborate and share everything you need making it effortless to stay in touch with your customers.

Just upload anything

Create, upload, store and share all kinds of static and interactive content in our supercharged folders or Binders as we like to call them.

You can even email things straight to your Binders so that they are automatically organized for you. You can scan and upload from your mobile too!

Turn chaos into order. Organize your digital life

Declutter your computer, your phone,  your email, your contacts and get control over all your things. Doculife organizes everything into attractive visual galleries.

Know where everything is at a glance without having to remember exact filenames. Visually explore content and quickly find what you need, saving you time and a lot of frustration.

Work together, plan together, get more done together

Whether it’s for you or your business, we have an ever-expanding suite of productivity tools to help you achieve your goals. From notes, albums, reminders and locations for you, to spreadsheets, org charts, diagrams and checklists for your business, we are committed to adding more and more tools to make your life easier.

Showcase your content with eye-catching visual layouts

Make all your projects look fantastic, creating awesome layouts with Doculife’s custom view options and presentation mode. 

Organize your content into attractive interactive portfolios to showcase your product, project or idea, and quickly personalize to suit who you present it to.

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Rest assured that your digital life is secure with us

Doculife was designed from the ground up with the utmost security and privacy in mind. Bank-level encryption is in place across the platform to keep all your files and personal data safe and protected.

Doculife promises never to mine your data. We won’t share it with advertisers or anyone that you wouldn’t want to share your data with.

And be extra safe with our Digital Private Vaults

For super secure storage or the transfer of sensitive and confidential data, Doculife offers Digital Private Vaults. Your data is encrypted with a pass phrase of your choice, and will be automatically locked when it is not in use.

Better yet, even Doculife won’t know what’s in your files. Complete confidentiality for your data is easy, simple and convenient with Doculife.

Capture and collect useful information as you surf the web

Right click to bookmark web pages, save links, images and videos, and clip text as notes with the Doculife Web Clipper (Browser Extension) available for Chrome and Firefox.

The perfect tool for when you are researching a project or searching the net for ideas and inspiration.

Take control of your emails

Each Binder, section and album has its own, unique-to-you, import email address which you can use to send emails and attachments directly to your Binders. They’ll be processed and uploaded automatically in PDF format.

For your business, you can create a Binder for each customer or project with its own unique email address. No more scouring your inbox looking for the right emails.

Choose the plan that’s right for you or your business

No matter who you are, we have the right plan for you! Choose from one of our unlimited, annual, lifetime, single, family and business plans. Or you can try it for free.